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October 25 2012


Romantic Love Stories

Love is said to appear in 3 stages, lust, attraction, and attachment. And for many of us, it is a popular fact. However, what most of us may not realize is, recent surveys have shown the brain, releases a particular pair of chemicals, when we are in love.

Best romance stories

These chemicals include Pheromones, Dopamine, Norepinephrine and Serotonin. Without getting technical, the outcome is a feeling of euphoria or excitement.

This chemical effect and lust, is said not to last higher than a month or two, and is the original emotion which can be proficient in romantic love.

The next stage of Love is, attraction, and is usually based on physical attraction, common interest, and attributes, for example money, status, job title, standing in the city, popularity, etc.

The first two stages of affection, lust and attraction, aren't enough to create a long lasting relationship. The 3rd stage of affection, "attachment" is needed to sustain a long term relationship.

It should be noted, that attachment is avoided, by any means by a few lovers, especially if they've been hurt before. This is frequently the case, each time a couple continues to be dating for just two or 3 months, and things are great until 1 day, one partner is really a sudden go on to exit the connection. Anxiety about attachment could be a huge stumbling block, when attemping to get your mate man or woman to say, "I do."

Following the a feeling of excitement and euphoria, wear thin right after months, this is how mature actions, should be applied if a relationship would be to last. For a few, the lost of that euphoria is simply too much, and they follow the feeling to a new relationship and begin all over again with someone new.

An affection story follows the events whenever a couple makes it through the three stages. Movies, novels, and short love stories which give this kind of entertainment, supply a means for the viewer or reader to "remember," when they too felt like that. This sort of entertainment reinforces our belief and faith for each other.

Best romance stories

A regrettable love story happens when one partner doesn't pull through every one of the stages, and also this form of entertainment allows us to to mend our very own broken heart in the process.

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